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Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants

Four Situations Where You Need Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants

Have you previously applied to Canadian immigration but faced difficulties such as rejection of your application? If so, you must not wait to hire professional and registered Canadian immigration consultants to ensure that you can move to Canada successfully. 

At Canadian Immediate Immigration Service, we find clients who have applied to Canadian immigration but have faced rejection. With our registered Canadian immigration consultants, we not only have achieved successful application but also helped them settle in the country efficiently and comfortably. 

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During our time helping clients successfully immigrate to Canada, we have seen them facing the following problems. If you are in the same situation, make sure to get in touch with us. 

•    Rejection of immigration application

As mentioned above, several people face multiple rejections for immigration applications. You might receive a letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) telling you the reason. Reasons can include incomplete documents, insufficient proof of intent, or just because the immigration officer doesn’t think you are eligible to move to Canada. 

Hiring registered Canadian immigration consultants gives you an edge over others. You can rest assured that your documents will be complete before applying to the immigration office.

•    Using a more complex immigration program

If you are applying through a complex immigration program such as British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Express Entry Skilled Worker category, you might face some difficulties. It will feel complicated and confusing. Moreover, programs like these change their requirements frequently. 

In cases like these, having registered Canadian immigration consultants helps you understand the process and apply it effectively. 

•    Committed a crime

Committing a crime is certainly against the law and might deem you inadmissible to Canada. And a crime doesn’t always have to be robbing a bank. It can be smaller things such as a DUI or petty theft. To overcome this hurdle, having immigration consultancy services can come in handy. 

•    Enjoy more convenience

When it comes to applying to immigration authorities, you will fill out a lot of forms. With your work, study, or familial obligations, it can become difficult to concentrate on filling these forms. Also, you don’t have the expertise or knowledge to fill out these forms. One mistake and it will cost you a lot. Hence, immigration consultancy services will assist you in applying effectively. 

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So, if you want assistance from an immigration consultancy, get in touch with us at Canadian Immediate Immigration Service. Our registered Canadian immigration consultants will help you move to Canada easily. 

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