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Four Things to Sort Out in Your First Week in Canada

You have finally arrived in Canada. Yes, you can have a sigh of relief. After all, you have worked really hard to get here. 

But what’s next for you? We know that slight tingling feeling of anxiety kicking in as you might start missing your family and feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, as registered Canadian immigration consultants, we know how tough the first few weeks can become for any newcomer. And we will help you streamline your first week. 

Here are a few things that you should sort out in the first week.








  • Open a Bank Account

Start by opening a bank account in your preferred bank. In Canada, the account opening process is pretty simple. However, you must know that each bank charges a certain fee with its chequing accounts (also known as “current accounts”). 

Opening a bank account will allow you to manage your finances and payments right from Canada. You don’t need to spend extra charges to withdraw money from your home account. Just make sure you get to know everything about the type of account you are opening. 

  • Apply for your SIN

As regulated Canadian immigration consultant, we always ask newcomers to apply and get their SIN (Social Insurance Number). It is a 9-digit number that permits you to continue working and studying in the country. 

Usually, you can apply for SIN by mail or online. Or you can go to your nearest Service Canada office with all your documents.

It doesn’t take more than an hour to get your SIN. 

  • Get a cell phone plan

In the first week, it would be wise to get a cell phone plan. Yes, we know that looking up local cell phone plans and comparing them to find the best one isn’t an exciting job. But the sooner you get a local cell phone plan, the sooner you can reduce your costs on roaming charges. 












  • Find an apartment

Probably the most unglamorous thing you have to do once you start living in Canada. But finding an apartment is crucial. So, start your search in the first week. 

As an immigrant, you might lack local references, however, keep finding an apartment with a flexible landlord. Another trick is to use your local phone number to call a potential apartment lead. The landlords are far likely to pick up a Canadian number rather than an international one. 

As one of the leading organizations helping newcomers to Canada, we know the struggle here at Canadian Immediate Immigration Service. Hence, we assist newcomers to not only get their visas but also settle down comfortably in the country. 

To know more, visit our website now.

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