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Certified Immigration Consultant Canada

Five Top Tips to Choose a Certified Immigration Consultant Canada

Are you planning to move to Canada for study, work, or residence? Do you find the whole process of getting an international visa complicated? If so, you might want to hire an agency that is a professional, legal, and certified immigration consultant Canada.

At Canadian Immediate Immigration Service, we would immediately jump at the opportunity of helping you in the process. We will surely prove to be the right agency for you. However, we want you to make the choice for yourself and choose a certified immigration consultant Canada. 

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Here are five top tips that will help you choose certified immigration consultant Canada services.

•    Social media

When you start looking for immigration consultancy services, you must check their social media presence. Most services will have an active social media page on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A consultancy that is active and preferred by people will share their success stories on these pages. So, check them out. 

•    License

Certified immigration consultants in Canada services will always be licensed with governmental organizations. Hence, when you are choosing such a service, you must check their license. This will ensure that you don’t fall prey to fraud immigration services and lose your money and time. 

•    Experience

You must always check whether the consultancy has professionals who have experience working in their segment. The more experience a consultancy has in providing successful immigration services, the more chances are you will find a solution if you run into issues. More experience will also give you access to a large network of contacts the consultancy would have built over the years. 

•    Security

Now, when you are looking for immigration services, you will be sharing sensitive personal information with them. You must ensure that the consultancy services have security features in place to protect the information. You can start by checking if the website URL starts with “https”. The “s” show that the website is secure and will process any data and transactions through secure channels. 

•    Google Reviews

Lastly, don’t forget to read Google reviews about the consultancy services. These reviews from former clients will give you an idea how authentic the consultancy service is. You will also get to know about how they handle their clients and their success rate. 

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Choosing a certified immigration consultant Canada can be difficult. We at Canadian Immediate Immigration Service know this better than anybody. Being a licensed and experienced consultancy service we get numerous clients who are tired of the process and are looking for positive solutions. 

And we provide them with efficient immigration consultancy and concierge services. We make your dream of immigrating to Canada a reality!

Contact us now.

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