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When Should I Land in Canada After My PR Application Approval?

Did your Canadian PR application get approved? Congratulations on that!

As registered Canadian immigration consultants, we are always happy to see people get their Canadian PR application approved as they will now start a new life with a bright future.

However, we often get asked how soon one should move to Canada after their PR application gets approved. People tend to ask this question because they think of delaying their arrival in Canada due to familial responsibilities in their home country. Hence, we thought to answer this question and end any confusion you might have. So, let’s find out how soon is too soon?

When Should You Land in Canada?

Once your Canadian PR gets approved, you will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR). You need to land in Canada before your CoPR expires.

If you have dependent family members moving with you to Canada, make sure that you all land at the same time. Once you have landed in Canada, make sure to visit the IRCC online portal and confirm your PR status.

What is the validity of CoPR?

When you apply for Canadian PR, you will be asked to provide medical exam results. These exam results are valid for one year and so is your CoPR. So, for example, if your medical exam results are dated April 2022, your CoPR will be valid until April 2023.

However, if your passport is expiring before your medical exam results, the validity of CoPR will be based on passport expiry. As a regulated Canadian immigration consultant, we suggest you also check the validity of your passport to avoid any issues with your CoPR validity.

Apply for your first PR card

When you have landed in Canada, the first thing you must do is apply for your first PR card. You can do so by going to the IRCC portal. You need to be in Canada while applying for the PR card. IRCC doesn’t send PR cards outside Canada. Also, it takes about three months to generate a PR card, hence it is advisable to arrive in Canada well before your CoPR ends.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there is about one year after your PR application approval when you need to land in Canada to successfully move to the country.

As one of the leading organizations helping newcomers to Canada, we at Canadian Immediate Immigration Service suggest our clients keep track of the timeline of PR application and landing dates, passport validity, and medical exam result validity. We assist them in scheduling all this more efficiently so that their move is seamless.

If you also want to move to Canada and need assistance, contact our team now.

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